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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Product Review by KIVOGUE

Hey all, what a great time we had last weekend in Chic Pop Markets @ Jaya One. We met lots of awesome people and we're so glad some of you took back some of our items for mosaic lovin' :) If you need any help with your projects, please do not hesitate to let us know!

An exciting news is in store. We have gotten our first product review by KIVOGUE!

Screenshots of the review on their blog

They did some really nice write-up on us and even did quite an extensive picture tutorial on two of our DIY kits. The large photo frame kit - blue (RM25) and mini notebook with MDF board cover kit (RM12). Do check them out as they do have reviews on other fashion blogs as well. Do check them out here: 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Markets @JayaOne - How to make the most of it.

It's happening this Saturday and thought I'd just pique some interest by writing a fun post about it. How to make the most of your weekend outing in Jaya One? Let me count the ways:

  1. Get your favourite frappuccino with an extra shot from Starbucks to get you going through the day.
  2. Bring a cutesy umbrella to shield you from the sun's UV rays and don't forget the sunnies.
  3. Wear comfortable yet fashionable shoes, you'll be walking around a lot and in a fashionable crowd.
  4. Dress to please (yet comfortably)! There will be photographers lurking around and you might just get your 5 mins of fame on Facebook.
  5. BYOB (last 'B' meaning Bag!). Most shops do give out paper/plastic bags but what's better then doing your bit for the environment whilst shopping?
  6. Bring friends along. You will be trying out items and who better to give you support then your close friends.
  7. Take lots of pictures and tag, tag, tag!
  8. Find out more about the shops you visit by talking to the owner and getting their name cards. Most of the time you can find more information about them on their blog or website.
  9. Find out in advance which stores you'd like to visit so you can better plan your time. You can find out more on participating vendors on organizers' websites:
  10. Let loose and have lots of fun! I find shoppers and vendors alike in craft fairs to be extremely friendly and willing to share information. Maybe you can get a new friend this way? ;) 
That's my 10! What are other ways you can make the most of this Saturday's Markets @JayaOne? :)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Squared! IKEA's MALMA mirror frame

Recently, a customer asked what she could do with her IKEA mirror frames which she bought recently. It was such an interesting conversation it brought me to experiment on some of them myself! I finally finished one and one more yet to grout. Still not sure what grout colours to use - should I use white/black or beige?

Here's how it looked like initially.

I like how white grout looks on black tiles.
Sadly, the word "Love"didn't quite stand out as I hoped it would :(
A close-up. I had fun creating the heart shapes!
The finished unfinished. Not sure what grout to put. 
Now you've seen what you can do with the IKEA mirror frame, why not try one yourself? Come find us in Jaya One this Saturday (20th August) to have a look at the displays and try out some kits for yourself! :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Being in the zone, announcements and other news.

Don't you just hate it when you are in the zone and you run out of..... double-sided tape? Here's a sneak peek of what I'm currently working on. Watch this space for the revealing ;)

Project stopped mid-way. Out of tape. 

Here's a shout-out to all our customers. How are your mosaic projects going on? Every time I meet a customer who tells me that she's using it for her photo frames, or her album or a mirror frame, I get really excited! It is just amazing to be able to share the love of mosaics and knowing there's someone out there piecing the tiles one-by-one. But here's more exciting news for you:

Share with us a picture of your project and get 10% OFF on your next purchase!*

It's that easy. Send us a nice picture with a mini caption or a description (one-liners are okay) just to describe your design, who is it for or how was it doing the project. We'll put it on our blog and also on FB for the rest of the community to share and learn :)

Finally, to cap it all off. Square Art has been reviewed by Keep in Vogue! I thought it was rather clever calling themselves that. It's a blog where they review fashion, beauty/health care and handmade crafts, among others. They also have links to blog shops coming from these categories. Do check them out! :)

*Tiles/kits must be bought from Square Art. Discounts are for one-time purchases only. Please send only good quality pictures. However, we reserve the right to edit them for clarity and cosmetic reasons. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Must. Work. Must. Not. Be. Lazy.

Yes, I have been lazy. After Urbanscapes, all I wanted to do was sit down, prop my legs up on a comfy cushy, sip my iced lemon tea and listen to Latin Jazz. But! The show must go on. So here are some great news from us!

I'm so stoked to tell you that: Finally! We have all the pictures of our colours up and it is a total of 113 different colours and finishings combined! That hit me hard when I was doing a massive stock-check recently and the living hall looked like this. And I had 2 more storage boxes unopened then!

Orderly Chaos (Low-quality pic taken using cameraphone)
Now it is easier for you to choose your colours rather than from the colour chart. Sometimes, the colour chart can be vastly different from the actual tiles due to the manufacturing process. Also, do take into consideration different colour quality of monitors or my camera. It may differ slightly from the actual tiles :)

Another great news is that we will be in our next craft fair this coming August the 20th! Yes, we're going to be at Jaya One for "Markets @ Jaya One" which is a combination of Chic POP, Better Weekends and Crafty Art Market. We missed the last one in June so we definitely won't miss this one! Come see us then! More details to be given later...

And lastly, my order of books from Amazon.com is now in my hands! My itchy hands also clicked on 2 other books other than the one I was telling you about. It's just 'coz they has such a sweet feature called Used - Like New and some of the prices are just crazy! Gonna take my own sweet time reading them and maybe come up with some new aprons/business ideas/decor ideas or two. I'll be sure to share them with you!

I do so love crafty books!

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