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About Us

Square Art is in the business of turning simple, colorful acrylic mosaic tiles into mosaic art - masterpieces of imagination. Our square tiles come in different sizes with a collection of more than 100 colours and finishings ranging from glossy to sparkles.

We promote handmade crafts by offering DIY kits with easy-to-understand instructions.  The tiles can stick to almost any kind of surface and can transform ordinary items like photo frames and mirrors into something beautiful and unique.
Square Art specializes in acrylic mosaic tiles supplies that is based in Malaysia. However, we also ship internationally. Available tiles and DIY kits are available online from our facebook page.

For more details visit our facebook page or contact us directly at square.art@gmail.com

The people behind Square Art

Square Art is a partnership concern consisting of a husband (Samuel) and wife (Charis) team. Hubby is the marketeer of the two and drives the business by sending links of interest from the Internet, putting down deadlines and supporting the little wife. The little wife directs the business creatively (with ample input from hubby), communicates with customers and will usually be the only one blogging.

Square Art is birthed from a love of all things crafty and creative. After quitting her job to take care of the household full-time, the little wife started to find ways to keep her brains and hands active. A supporter of all things handmade and DIY, the first time she saw mosaic tiles and how easy they were, she knew she had to bring it to the masses.

The husband and wife team also has a little elf helper named Caryn, who just happens to be the little wife's baby sister. Together they look for opportunities for Square Art to grow and to raise awareness of how simple mosaic art can be.

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