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Monday, 7 November 2011

Lucky Draw Winners (Crafty Market - Oct 29th)

Congratulations to our lucky draw winners! The email has been sent out on Saturday morning notifying them of it. We had 60 participants that day but only 20 qualified for a prize with total prizes worth RM285 to be given out. I used an online random integer generator to get the arrangement of the prizes (see pic below). So, as promised, here are more details of our Early Christmas Lucky Draw.

List of winners and their prizes:

  1. Norhayati Ayup - Mosaic Coaster Kit (RSP - RM18.00)
  2. Nur Faridatul - MDF Notebook & 20gm tiles (M11 70S) (RSP - RM17.00)
  3. Foo Jen Yin -  MDF Notebook & 20gm tiles (M11 70S) (RSP - RM17.00)
  4. Pek Mun - Mini Photo Frame & 30gm tiles (various) (RSP - RM17.00)
  5. Kelly Lim - Mini Photo Frame & 30gm tiles (various) (RSP - RM17.00)
  6. Shirley Yong - Mini Photo Frame & 30gm tiles (various) (RSP - RM17.00)
  7. Suwannee Pongprakyun - Mini Photo Frame & 30gm tiles (various) (RSP - RM17.00)
  8. Evelyn Goh - Mini Photo Frame & 30gm tiles (various) (RSP - RM17.00)
  9. Vivien Wong - Mini Photo Frame & 30gm tiles (various) (RSP - RM17.00)
  10. Annaclare Mosiun - Animal Magnet Kit (RM15.00)
  11. Merilyn Chew - Mosaic DIY Kit - Photoframe   (RM15.00)
  12. June Ng - Mosaic DIY Kit - Photoframe  (RM15.00)
  13. Sim Xiu Jia - Mosaic DIY Kit - Photoframe   (RM15.00)
  14. Lee Tze Yee - Mosaic DIY Kit - Photoframe   (RM15.00)
  15. Norsahzlida Mohd Shafee - Mosaic DIY Kit - Notebook (RM10.00)
  16. Melysa Lum - Mosaic DIY Kit - Notebook (RM10.00) 
  17. Lee Hui Wen - Mosaic DIY Kit - Notebook (RM10.00)
  18. Chiah Siow Yen - Mosaic DIY Kit - Photoframe (RM10.00)
  19. Filza Yang - Gift Voucher (RM8.00)
  20. Chong Hui Wen - Gift Voucher (RM8.00)

For the winners mentioned above, congratulations! I have sent an email request for you to confirm your stated home address. I will not send the package if you do not send me a confirmation for fear of losing your gift! So hurry up and reply! :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Markets @ Jaya One - from a different perspective

Last Saturday we participated in Markets @ Jaya One 10 under Crafty - the handmade and craft supplies section. Many of you may not know that Square Art is very much a family business, owned by a husband & wife team, packed by parents, brothers and sisters and the occasional craft booth tended by sisters and mothers. And last Saturday was no different, here is a snapshot of what Caryn, my sister, experienced in our last craft fair outing.

"Each time when Crafty comes around, there's always a sense of nervousness, making sure that our customers get the best. For a newcomer like us, it's always intimidating to set up the store amongst people who probably went through thick and thin just to be where they're at right now. But nonetheless, the show must go on. This time, I'm glad to have my mother who so willingly stayed from 10am to 6pm with me. From the carrying of stocks, to the setting up, to entertaining the customers and even to the point of packing up. It's good to have my mother there because she was a good buddy that kept me company when the crowd was slow. 

One funny incident during the market was when a sudden rush of wind swept through the stores. One by one, things from each store fell like a stack of dominoes. It was a funny sight as it went on for awhile. I even had to stand like I was modelling for a photoshoot but in actual fact, I was trying to balance my stands and the displays. It was very funny indeed."

Here's my beautiful mother helping out with the booth.

This Crafty, we had a lucky draw and introduced some pre-Christmas products.
It's never too early for Christmas!
As for my mother, she was just contented talking to the people coming to the booth and observing the young people. It did make her feel younger again!

Thanks to all who visited our booth last Saturday!

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