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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What's in store in Markets @ Jaya One 4!

So in our last blog post, we dropped some hints as to what surprises are in store for you this weekend. Here are the answers to the hints:


Does this pic make you want to eat one now?
As a kid, my brother and I used to call McD's double cheeseburger the Double-Double Cheeseburger 'coz it seemed so huge to us then. But don't come finding cheeseburgers on our booth! What we meant is that we will be sharing the booth with a sister shop called DeejaiSupplies which will be selling all kinds of craft supplies. It will be a double-double seller booth! Find out more about Deejai Supplies on their Facebook and Etsy page.

Keeps on giving

The gift that keeps on giving
Some of you read of the news of the Thailand flood that happened in the past few months which inundated about 1/3 of Thailand. Many people had lost their lives, homes and livelihood from the unpredictable waters and some are still suffering now. As part of this year's charity act, 10% of the sales proceeds received from this weekend from our sister shop Deejai Supplies will go to a direct fund for crafters and artisans affected by the flood. Please help us make this possible by passing the word and visiting our booth! Come get a gift that keeps on giving...

Trivia: Dee Jai in Thai means a feeling of happiness, or happy. So that's what we will try bringing to the flood victims.

Take-out Delivery

Fortune cookies, anyone?
And finally, our last hint of the day. Many of you have come to our booths and wondered if our displays were on sale. We have always replied no and encouraged you guys to make them yourselves with our easy DIY kits. But this year, seeing that Christmas is coming near, we will be selling our displays at great prices! Some of them can be seen from our Facebook album and will make beautiful Christmas gifts. Take-out delivery indeed - cooked to perfection for your enjoyment! :)

More details on where to find us this Saturday next, hopefully!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Markets @JayaOne - Christmas Shopping!

Markets is back again! It seems like just yesterday we participated in the last one. However, we do try to bring you something different each time we appear in the Market. This time, since Markets is appearing just in time for Christmas shopping, we are also going to be coming up with some new surprises! But first, here are some more details for the event:

Where: Markets at Jaya One 
Date: 17 Dec 2010
Time: 10am - 6pm

We'll let you know where our booth will be once it is announced!

And now for a sneak peek on what we are working on for this Market!

Can you guess it yet?
Stay tuned for the unveiling of what we have in store for you! Here are some hints:

  1. Double, double
  2. Keeps on giving
  3. Take-out delivery
And that's ALL we're gonna say -for now-! *zip*
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