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Tips and Tutorials

1. How to cut a tile

When cutting a mosaic tile, use a clear plastic bag so that the tile will not "fly" and hurt your eyes.

2. How to decorate a wooden frame

In this post, I would like to show you a step-by-step guide on how to use our tiles to pimp up a wooden frame. If you have any questions about the steps, do submit them in the Comments section below.

1. Make sure that the surface area of your frame (or any other object you are working on) is clean from dust.

2. Proceed to stick double-sided tape on all sides of the frame, so that it fills up all surface.

3. Work on section by section for easier management and slowly attach the tiles. Leave about 1mm of space in between tiles for grout (depending on your design).

4. It is advisable to use the right tools for this. Sometimes I use my fingers, but something as common in the household like an eyebrow tweezer would come in handy.

5. Once your tiles are done, it is time for the grouting process.

6. Grouting is not difficult but it does require some attention to the mixing process. The ratio of grout to water is 2:1 or until you get a smooth batter. Too much water and it becomes too runny.

7. Use a flat tool to apply the grout onto the tiles, making sure it fills up the joints nicely. Spread evenly onto the whole frame.

8. Once grouting is done, leave it to dry for at least 45 mins or until grout is hard to the touch.

9. Don't start washing it away too early or the grout will not stick.

10. Once it is dried, prepare a small bucket of water and a damp sponge.

11. Proceed to wipe away excess grout gently over the tiles, making sure to clean the sponge periodically in the water.

12. It is advisable to wear latex gloves during this process as grout can be irritable for sensitive skin. Otherwise, make sure hands and the underside of nails are washed thoroughly after cleaning grout.

13. Once you have fully washed off the grout on the tiles, there will be a dust haze left over the tiles. Simply use a clean, dry cloth to dust the surface.

And voila! Your frame is all ready to use!

If you would like to know more about mosaic tiles and grouting or information on how to get the right tools, just write to us on squareart.my@gmail.com or visit our Facebook Community for pictures of our products.
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