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Monday, 21 March 2011

Mosaic-ify your pictures!

Why not have some fun with your personal pictures and create mosaic art with them? While browsing the Internet looking for something like this, I stumbled upon Andrea Mosaic that offers a freeware that allows you to create picture mosaics! All you have to download it, choose your original picture and select a whole folder of pictures to choose from as your tiles. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

It's very simple and easy to follow, here are two examples of what I created with the freeware:

This is a picture of lovely little house in Burano, Italy. Using the freeware, I created this picture mosaic on the right using 500 tiles of pictures from my collection. 

Use it for memorable events, then, print it out, frame it and hang on your wall. This is a picture of my wedding using 3000 tiles, all from folders of my wedding pictures. 

Try it out today! :) ^CL

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Things you can make......

... with our mosaic tiles...! :) I'll be sharing inspirations and projects that you can make easily with our range of mosaic tiles! :) 

Remember the tip I gave on egg containers? You can place the mosaic tiles in individual spaces to organize the colours and keep everything neat. Makes it easier for me (& you) to select and pick out the colours we want to use :)

For this project, I'm making a mosaic tile frame! You can easily use any old frames that you already have or buy one for this project :) 

Step 1 : Preparation - Clean the tiles with a damp cloth to wipe off dust or sand dust. 
Step 2 : Select the colours that you have in mind for your project! :)
Step 3 : Using a good double-sided tape, apply the tape to the frame and peel it off to reveal the sticky                  tape
Step 4 : Pick up the tiles by colour and arrange them on the frame!

It's that easy! And a fun way to de-stress :)

Voila! The finished project! Isn't it pretty!!! :)

You can purchase our mosaic tiles & kits at http://facebook.com/SquareArt

Hope you like this project & will attempt it on your own! :)


Monday, 7 March 2011

We were at.....

... Lex, Empire Gallery Subang on the 5th March. Very encouraging to have many crafters and non-crafters who adores our mosaic tiles! Oh, I just wished we had more colours and more tile kits to offer last Saturday... but fear not! We're bringing in MORE colours and MORE kits soon!!! 

Just watch this space or follow us on our FB page... we've got our page name, finally (yeay!!!) We'll update you on our stocks availability and share fun tips, projects, ideas and tutorials here too! :)  

fun tiles to make your own craft projects!

Our tiles & tile kits

We shared a booth space registered under Angelicquirk

Thank you those who dropped by to say 'Hi'. Hope to see you again at the next handmade market! :)


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Be there or be 'square'

Square Art  and AngelicQuirk are going to be at the Handmade Market organized by Team Etsy Malaysia on the 5th March (this coming Saturday!!!) at Lex, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang :) 

Lex is on the 2nd floor of the shopping gallery... you won't miss it! Just look for the Lex Slide... the longest (or was it highest...) indoor slide in Malaysia! :)

Square Art will be showing you that being 'square' is the new cool and how you can achieve that! :) 
and AngelicQuirk will be showcasing more new products... think lifestyle items and more stationary love for you! 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A little Go-green Tip

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope that you have fully rested and is super-charged to do whatever it is you have to do! (I hope what you have to do includes some crafting as well... especially with our mosaic tiles!) *grins*

I just want to share a tip with you in regards to storing the tiles neatly so that it's easier for you when you need to use them :) Oh, this tip is good for recycling too! Yeay!! We advocate recycling :) 

So, you know those egg shell containers that we get when we buy eggs from the market or grocery stores (supermarkets have it too)? ..... Some of the containers are plastic and some are made of carton materials. They make good mosaic tile separators! And you don't have to spend a cent getting new containers :)

See.... they sort out the colours perfectly in their tiny compartments :) Well, actually the compartments aren't that small... they can fit up to about 12.5 gms (half packet of the retail packaging we sell) in each compartment. 

Don't the tiles look super neat? LOL... It makes it so much easier for me when I need to pick and choose my colours! :) 

Try this little go-green tip that we have for you! Hope you'll find it useful too :)

And look out for our next posting soon.... I'm gonna share some projects that I've been working on with these pretty tiles...

Till then, take care & be 'square'! :)

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